The ‘T’ on the shuttle

Emily LongDigital Editor

A reason why many students choose to enroll at Lasell is our proximity to Boston. You can get on the Riverside MBTA stop and be in the city in under an hour. Students can work, intern and explore during the semester.

Coming back to campus is a different story. After getting off at Riverside, depending on the time, students walk through Lasell Village with friends or wait for the shuttle. But what happens when they come back late at night and alone?

Students who return to campus late have no choice but to make the nerve-wracking walk back in the dark and cold. The shuttle hours are extremely limited, only running until 10 p.m. during the weekdays and 5 p.m. on weekends.

If a student feels uncomfortable, they can call Campus Police for a ride back to campus. However, there is a rumor on campus that this is not true. According to Chief of Police Bobby Shea, “in terms of the escorts, we never stopped them, but it has to be for safety reasons.”

We need a solution that will allow students to get back to their residence halls at night, safely and comfortably. One solution would be to extend the hours of the shuttle to run later. Another solution could utilize the Lasell vans and student drivers during the hours that the shuttle isn’t in service.

If Lasell continues to promote going into Boston on the T, they need to find a better transportation solution for students to get back to campus.

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