Black History Month Celebration Photo Gallery Reply

On Feb. 1, the celebration for Black History Month was attended by Lasell citizens in the Lasell Intercultural Center & Commuter Cottage (IC3). This commemoration was to have the month of February start with not only stomachs filled with delicious, Caribbean and African food but also a month for individuals to be aware of the various cultures that are represented on campus.

Photos by Ruth Kehinde and Holly Feola – Digital Editor and News Editor


(L – R) Woodrow Freese, Director of Residential Life, Jose Guzman, Associate Professor of Spanish and, Yordan Villalon, Lasell Graduate, share smiles while indulging in an engaging conversation.


Ashaad Tillman, junior, and sophomore Jyaito Freeman, cheese over their delicious plates of food.



Various options of Caribbean and African food are presented for attendees to chose from.


(L – R) Eric Turner, Vice President of Graduate and Professional Studies, Jesse Turiac, Director of Donahue Institute for Ethics, Diversity, & Inclusion, and Lori Rosenthal, Associate Professor of Psychology, smile within their triumvirate ways.


Ashaad Tillman, junior, and Dubem Okafor, junior, have an innovative conversation among each other. 



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