The cost of convenience

By Katie Peters – Arts Editor

Laundry is an unavoidable part of living away from home. Though it may be a small hassle and cost some money, it still has to get done at some point. The original way of paying for laundry was via the swipe of a card. Now with the new laundry system, it may just make it easier for some students to get their laundry done by eliminating the plastic cards and enabling students to pay through an app.

This change comes after a Student Government Association (SGA) survey that was sent out last fall. Originally, SGA voted not to make any changes to the system but was informed this past fall, the change would be happening anyway. CSC ServiceWorks, Lasell’s laundry vendor, updated all of their equipment, making laundry cards obsolete.

Students must now pay for their laundry through the CSCPay Mobile app with an added 25 cent fee per load. Many students would occasionally misplace their cards, which cost $3 to replace. By using an app to pay for laundry, students won’t have to worry about losing a physical card.

Since everything is done through a mobile device, students don’t have to leave their dorm building to refill their laundry cards. This makes it much easier to pay for laundry. The machines that could refill laundry cards also broke down at multiple points over the past few semesters. At some points, some machines were only taking cash.

According to the SGA survey, 52 percent of those who responded did not want the price of laundry to go up. With the price of higher education increasing yearly, some students may not be able to afford to do laundry as often as they would like.

Though this new system does come with a small price bump, the benefits outweigh the downsides. It is much more convenient for many students because of the ease of access and use.



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