Career Center’s corridor upgrade

By Avery Stankus & Claire CrittendonEditor-in-Chef & Features Editor

The Career Development Center (CDC) re-opened their doors on the second floor of Edwards to students, faculty and staff on Jan. 23 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

The re-opening promoted the benefits of the new CDC. Attendees could have free LinkedIn headshots taken and a chance to book a meeting with a career counselor all while enjoying the refreshments. A free raffle also took place for a chance to win a professional portfolio for interviews. The event was to encourage students to use the center as a resource to find jobs or internships.

Prior to this remodeling, CDC staff offices were scattered. Assistant Director Jessi Orlando said, “We’ve always been here, what’s exciting is that all three of us are now in the same hallway.”

“The new space highlights who we are,” said Director of Career Services Donnell Turner. Students can meet with Turner, Orlando or Career Advisor Karen Bailey to practice mock interviews, assist with cover letters or develop job search skills. The three of them work together in hopes to make the transition from Lasell to the workforce smooth and successful.

The offerings of this new space extend past aesthetics, however. Besides one on one meetings, the room can also provide a quiet space for Skype and phone interviews. Since the majority of students living on campus reside with roommates, a guaranteed noise-capped space can help ease interview stress.

Senior Victoria Spellman agrees, saying, “The space will be beneficial to me for practicing interviews. Being a senior is stressful enough, so to have a space to help for the real world is like a weight being lifted off of my shoulders.”

Orlando hopes to make the space more active. “We want to have workshops, programming and drop-in hours. Whatever it may be, the space is for the students… We’re hoping to be more visible and prominent,” she said.

Students like senior Jared Sgroi plan to use the renovated space to help with post-grad plans. “I think the career center is a great space to get help or get advice,” said Sgroi. “Whether it be part-time work, full-time work, before graduation, or after graduation, overall it’s a great space for people to interact and feel better about going into the real world.”

Turner encourages students to go to the CDC to enhance their experience at Lasell. “Why not take advantage of something that you’re already paying for that will help you to be more prepared to transition into the world of work?”


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