Fashion Focus: Meet Cora Lynn

By Abi Brown1851 Staff

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 5.17.10 PM
Among Lasell’s notable characters is a student
designer, model, and poet, Cora Lynn. She gets into going against the grain and her personal growth within the art of fashion. Photo by Abi Brown.

To talk about what makes a community great, you need to understand who makes it up and influences it from within. It takes a few underlying creative geniuses to inspire the rest of us, and that is what this new editorial section will aim toward uncovering. Who makes Lasell’s energy unique? Which students remain lowkey but stand out; and what makes them stand out?

Sophomore Cora Lynn did not know she would end up as a fashion design and production major. Her unique passion for the industry started with the dream of becoming a costume designer or a personal stylist. Lynn decided fashion design was the right fit because of her personal style and need to create something beautiful.

Lynn is in the Styling and Photography Club on campus and she’s doing a shoot with them later this semester. When she’s not shooting she often models in the LU designers’ fashion shows. The designer, model, and writer inspires students around campus with her style which is “very passionate, expressive, beautiful to me, free, and just myself,” she says. “I’ve heard a lot of different people describe my style in different ways.” Sometimes she agrees with their descriptions and sometimes she doesn’t. She most often will get that it is “eccentric.”

One may wonder what it is like to be a student of fashion design here since the university is very small*. For Lynn, she feels like she benefits from having a small community because, “it’s big enough where there’s a lot of different perspectives, and it feels good to be around similar people, interested in fashion,” she said. Despite having plenty of inspiration surrounding her, there are still challenges, like finding the dedication and time to perfect her craft.

Amid this struggle, she finds comfort in the small size of Lasell’s community. This sort of comfort can be very beneficial to someone who faces a lot of stress pertaining to work. Even if you are one of the faces in the sewing room every day like Lynn, deadlines are still a challenge. She often finds herself pushing it out in the last 48 hours.

Lynn’s plans for the future are bright. At the moment, being only a sophomore, her plans include “internships at a few different types of places then [to] decide from there,” she says. Ideally, she wants to be a designer for her own brand, “I have to make a more solid plan but we’ll get to that, probably within the last 48 hours of graduating,” Lynn’s message to everyone is to “practice and do more of what you want to do.” Hard work and dedication will get you where you’re trying to go.

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