From walk-on to Weyburn

By Taylor Viles1851 Staff

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 1.55.33 PM
Junior Wyatt Sihvonen taking swings in the batting cage at the athletic center to prepare for this upcoming season. Photo by Taylor Viles

Wyatt Sihvonen walked onto the baseball team as a first-year. The talented infielder looked at Division I programs before opting to go to a school that hadn’t scouted him and wasn’t known for its baseball program.

That season, Sihvonen batted .271 in 48 at-bats and added 14 RBI’s, good for second on the team. “It was [about] competing… all season long,” he said of his unanticipated breakout, “I started putting in the work and toward the… end of the season I started playing.” In his sophomore season, he took over full-time shortstop duties and put up similar numbers.

It was his leadership ability that impressed newly hired Head Coach Bill Uberti. “From day one, he was a vocal leader,” said Uberti. “He’s also the hardest worker on our team.” These qualities led to Uberti naming him captain this season.

Uberti also introduced him to another opportunity; one that will take him 2,059 miles North West to the town of Weyburn, Saskatchewan where he will suit up for a 58 game schedule with the Western Canadian Baseball League ( WCBL.)

“As far as I know… it’s the league to be in, [in] Canada,” said Sihvonen. “I’ll be up there [from the] last week of May till the first week of August and that’s just the regular season.”

Sihvonen will be playing for the Weyburn Beavers, a team that’s made the playoffs in each season since 2010.

Coach Uberti learned of the WCBL at the National Baseball Coaches Convention last year. He struck up a conversation with a league representative and then he pitched the option to Sihvonen last Fall. “I know what an opportunity it is to play summer baseball,” said Uber- ti, “I try to place every single one of my guys who want to play.”

For Sihvonen, he’s excited about the experiences in-store. “I’ve never left the country before,” he said. “Being away for almost three whole months is going to be tough to get used to, but I’m ready for it.”

“For him to take the initiative to make this opportunity work out for him is incredible,” said his older brother Holt. “It just shows his drive and determination and passion for the sport.” Holt doesn’t believe his brother will have any trouble fitting in in the ‘Great White North.’ “It seems like it’s very similar to our hometown in Lebanon, Connecticut,” he said.

This season, Sihvonen is ready to prove himself at Lasell. “We have a really strong team this year… This is going to be a good year for us either win or lose, I don’t care, either way, we’re still gonna have a great season,” said Sihvonen.



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