Meeting Lasell: Matt Berentsen

By Adam Hallenbeck Sports Editor


Matt Berentsen, a senior at Lasell, walks among the student population no different than anyone else, heading to and from class and making the most out of his four years in college. As the station manager for WLAS 102.9 FM, he has led the student radio station to 18 Interscholastic Broadcasting System Award nominations and now preparing for the real world, he reflects on how he has changed. This is Matt Berentsen. 

Q: Who is Matt Berentsen, in your eyes?

A: Matt Berentsen is super confused about who Matt Berentsen is. With college graduation very, very close into my future, I’m in that weird crossroad as to who I am and I guess that’s more so what I do, like, the typical like, “Oh yeah,  I’m a student” and then this is my career.  I like to think that Matt is just a very motivated person with lots of goals…very all over the place as to what he wants to be doing. I just like to take my life day by day but also try to cautiously plan out that day in a way to push forward and get really cool stuff happening. I’m a music lover, food lover, and just a friend lover. I enjoyed doing things that make me happy, and hopefully make other people happy. So, that’s who Matt Berentsen is.

Q: If you had to pick out a color palette for you from Home Depot that describes you, what would it be three colors you would pick?

A: I think about this all the time and it constantly changes, but one of my favorite colors, -I don’t even know the real color, lavender but a little more dusty.  I can like just be low and keep a low profile but there’s also that undertone of brightness. So at first look, it might be a little bit chilling, low tone but when I’m in a comfortable setting, my brightness comes out. I like shirts that color, that orangey- pink look to it. Then also probably checkers, not the design colors but the pattern, the color palette for it. 

Q: Who inspires you to be Matt Berentsen?

A: In my formidable years, my grandfather, for sure. He was always my big like, “this is who you should be”, kind of person where I base a lot of my personality around, but also the people who I surround myself on a day to day basis. I see a lot of myself in the people I choose to be around and then I also see that’s good and bad because I see people who have certain character traits, and I’m like, I need to be more like that person. When I see someone who puts in more effort than I do,  I would love to be like that person and I’ll see people who don’t do much. I don’t want to be like that. I definitely like to balance who I am with the people around me because I think I have they’ve all people I consider my friends I think are the best people in the world. So I always see something in them that I would like to see in myself in the future.

If some ominous power made you go back in time to change one thing in history forever, what would you change and why?

You know, I could go back in time, I could kill like BB Hitler or I could probably stop major world events. That would probably be meaningful to a lot of people but also who knows where to be now? I guess for me, it’s whoever decided to put ketchup on eggs. Nobody needs that.

How do you want to be remembered?

I don’t want to be remembered as just, all around being welcoming. I try to be warm towards people. It’s just hard for me because I definitely consider myself to be a little bit introverted and I know introverted people can also come off as kind of cold or like to draw away from people. But I try to be welcoming to people as much as possible…nice, approachable… I definitely don’t want anyone to look back at me with a negative tone or a negative taste in it.

Why should someone vote in this year’s election in your opinion?

So everyone has so much to say about what’s going on and I feel like people are complaining all the time, but these are also the same people who are like, what is my voice do like that’s, that’s not going to get things done. Whether you’re a pro-Trump or your Democrat, anti-Trump and you’re, you know, whoever you are, if you don’t like what’s going on or if you do like what’s going on, you should make your opinion heard because these are the people who are supposed to be representing us as a country. I mean, you know, we just saw a very close call of world war three, if that makes you uncomfortable, maybe vote for someone who you think we’ll keep us away from doing that, you know, just anything no matter where you stand on and you think someone’s going to get something done that you believe needs to get done, you should be supporting that person 110%. 

Q: What is one memory you wish that you could mentally share with people?

A: That’s a hard one. A lot of what I’ve done definitely originates from music, and growing up listening to certain music. I think one of the coolest memories to me to this day was my first concert, which was Aerosmith and ZZ Top. I’m sure everyone’s got their first concert and it’s still a cool memory of them.

Q: Who would win in a fight, a taco or a grilled cheese?

A: Oh, that’s a tough one. If it was a hard taco… it’s crunchier, it’s harder to break, but… I’m going to give it to the grilled cheese because one of those is gonna get super soggy and fall apart eventually. I feel like the grilled cheese has more longevity than the soft taco.

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