1851 Market closures

By Micheal Maruk & Casey DiBari – 1851 Staff & Opinion Editor

In recent months, Lasell has seen the 1851 Market close many times for a number of reasons. There have been various problems with the scanner, issues with the POS system, and thievery. Chartwells, the company that manages the market, is always happy to see the market being utilized. However, the part they don’t like to see is when people are taking advantage of the problems that occur with the system and stealing, causing financial loss within the market.

Director of Dining Services Michael Quackenbush, said, “Two of the long-term closures happened because the scanner was destroyed beyond the ability to operate.” When this happens, Chartwells has to order a new scanner and calibrate it to their system to put the market back online. The reason why this problem has happened is because of students who vandalized the area and took what they wanted. New measures are being taken to prevent further issues like this from happening, such as increased security with cameras.

According to Associate Vice President of Administration Diane Parker, while the 1851 Market is not run through Lasell themselves, the school had wanted a 24-hour convenience store for the students, believing they would greatly benefit from it in the long run. However, she also acknowledged that stealing was becoming a problem, whether the scanners were working or not. 

“We understand that for [The 1851 Market] to be, it can’t be operated at a loss,” Parker said, adding that while she thinks it is great that the market is popular, students taking items jeopardizes whether or not the market can stay open. 

Both Quakenbush and Parker have noted that they haven’t heard from students about the closures this year, though Parker has said parents have responded with their own disappointment of the closures, and worry about whether or not students have been taking from the market.

As for repercussions for students who have been caught on cameras stealing from the market, Quakenbush explained that Campus Police are notified, and they are the ones who decide what happens to the students.

When asked what repercussions should take place, senior Rylie Smith said, “I think they should be charged on their torch card, like make them pay for it, but nothing much beyond that.”

Some students were less sympathetic about the issue of stealing, with one student who chooses to be anonymous saying, “How can they expect us not to steal something when the scanner is always broken?”

“Honestly, they have to make sure the scanner is working,” another added on, “if people try to pay and they can’t, they aren’t just going to put it back.”

market 2

Students are also encouraged to reach out with their own solutions for keeping the market open in the future. Those who wish to help out can contact Diane Parker at dparker@lasell.edu or Michael Quakenbush at mquakenbush@lasell.edu.

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