Behind the Scenes of Studying Abroad

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By Hannah Akerly1851 Staff

To be young and living in London, England. The most timeless four months of my life and the scariest decision I ever made in my life, but also the most rewarding. Traveling across the ocean and unpacking my bags to make memories with people I have never met before. Knowing these people would become a major part of my life and yet when I stepped on that plane at Logan airport, I had no idea what was to come. Here’s the truth about studying abroad:

  1. Make that money honey!

When I left home, I had saved up more than $5000 and when I got to London and started spending, I realized that wasn’t enough. I would recommend saving closer to $6500. This also depends on where you decide to study but of course; I chose a country where the exchange rate was royally messed up. Working two jobs all summer at times didn’t seem like it was worth it, but in the end; I survived a whole four months in a different country all by myself.

  1. The leg workout to end all leg workouts

Transportation costs money no matter where you go so I would recommend investing in a great pair of sneakers. When I went into the city; I would walk nearly four miles a day to save on transportation. So whip out those Asics and hit the town! You’ll be happy you bought them.

  1. Life-changing experience

My life has truly never been the same since going abroad. It was a big decision and it came with even bigger rewards. I learned so much about myself in my time away. Being the homebody that I am, I learned that I could do something I never thought I could.  I learned that I can travel the world all on my own and live life knowing I can do this. Not to mention, you make friends that become family because you spend every second of every day together, and you wouldn’t trade that for anything. 

  1. Travel as much as possible

Flights may seem like they are the most expensive thing ever but I booked flights to France that were $50. Going abroad isn’t all about studying in a different country, it’s also about learning the culture and immersing yourself in every country you possibly can. I traveled to more places in 4 months than I ever thought I would. And the best advice I can give for this is to remember that money will return but the time won’t. So book that flight!

  1. It may not be the education you expected

I did not expect the education I received when I signed up for my classes back in spring. Education in England is a lot different from education in the states. I would have fewer assignments but they would be weighted more in my overall grade. I found I would often be teaching myself outside of the classroom, but the education I received is still one I found fulfilling and I learned so many things I wouldn’t have if I were still in the states. 


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