Boston takes a Time Out in Fenway

By Katie Peters and Casey DiBariArts Editor and Opinions Editor

Time Out Market, located on the corner of Brookline Ave. and Park Drive in Fenway, serves Boston with high-end local cuisine at an affordable price. Photos by: Katie Peters.

Located around the corner from the Fenway T stop, Boston’s Time Out Market serves the Fenway-Kenmore area with some of the city’s best cuisine all under one roof. This modern and diverse eatery gives this area a much-needed option for high-quality food with the added enjoyment of a fun communal atmosphere, to-go and sit-down options and events most weekends all at a relatively low price. 

This is Time Out Market’s sixth location internationally, located on the corner of Park Drive and Brookline Ave. Each city’s market includes local culinary treasures as well as recipes from the city’s top chefs. 15 different vendors line the walls of Boston Time Out Market’s 25,200 square foot dining room with two bars on either end of the space. 

After walking into the space, we were greeted by freshly made donuts from Somerville’s own Union Square Donuts. This was a popular counter for the Sunday morning brunch rush, as well as George Howell’s Coffee one counter down. 

At George Howell’s, one interesting drink offered was a coffee sangria, an iced coffee that they steep in fruit and honey. The drink, with no added sweeteners, is very strong and tangy, so for those who aren’t a fan of their coffee like this may not enjoy it as much. They also offer hot chocolate, but like the coffee sangria, it’s unique in its flavor so if you are picky with your drinks, you may not enjoy this as well.

A sandwich from Ms. Clucks Deluxe, topped with lettuce, carrots, grilled chicken, and a mix of seasoning, sits on an easily portable tray. Photo by: Katie Peters.

Besides the drinks, one of the culinary vendors sold an arugula salad from Monti Roman Pizzeria, which was simply arugula, parmesan cheese, oil, and lemon. It’s a healthy but delicious choice, with a short wait time. 

In fact, most restaurants have a wait time of less than 20 minutes and give customers buzzers to let them know when their food is ready. This gives them the chance to find a seat and a drink while their food is being prepared. 

Time Out Market has a very open and communal seating arrangement. Long tables with chairs on either side fill the majority of the space between vendors. The layout and flow of traffic seem much like that of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, but with a much more modern and high-end feel. The seating and space as a whole are also accessible to those who require wheelchairs. 

One highlight the market provides is culinary creations from award-winning local chefs. The Tasting Counter, a high-end restaurant in Somerville that was named Boston Magazine’s Best Restaurant of 2019, has a counter at the market. Ten dishes from chef Peter Ungár are available, ranging in price from $8 for side dishes and up to $24 for main dishes. 

The dishes served are mainly full-sized, as opposed to some places that may just offer half a dish in hopes of getting customers to visit the main locations. One dish from any vendor will most likely fill you up.

Customers should keep in mind that except for the bars, all the restaurants only accept credit or debit card payments from major credit card companies. Visitors can also purchase a Time Out Market Card at the bar to pay for drinks and food from every vendor in the market.

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