Rowing through second semester

By Adam Hallenbeck & Josh WolmerSports Editor & 1851 Staff

March Crew Photo
(second to last on left) First-year Mike Maruk encourages his teammates as they push to finish their heats in the C.R.A.S.H- B sprints championship.

The Lasell Crew team had their first and only meeting of the season as they traveled to the indoor track at Boston University for the Charles River All-Star for Has-Beens, (formally known as CRASH-B) World Indoor Rowing Championships on March 1.  

A lot of the Lasers performed strongly in their respective events. On the men’s side of the heat, first-year Mike Maruk, the only representative for the Lasers, did an excellent job finishing his 2000 meters in 8:06 which was good enough for 34th place. “I felt exhausted. My legs were shaking from pushing so hard, but it was definitely the best feeling in the world to have done something at a global level,” said Maruk. 

On the women’s side of the event, six Lasers competed in this event. The first Laser to finish was junior Brittany Frazier with a time of 8:54.5, coming in 45th place and setting the pace for the rest of the team. The rest of the team finished their heat in order; first-year Kaitlyn Gargas at 45th with 9:20.3, junior Sarah Kimmelman followed at 46th with 9:29.2, first-year Samantha Vega-Torres was 47th with a time of 9:51.1, first-year Maddie Avery had a time of 10:01.6 for 48th and junior Ariana Perez de Alderete brought up the rear for the team with 11.01.6 for 49th. 

Before the event, the team thought this was just a race for fun. “I didn’t know that this was a World Championship. I thought it was going to be 50 people from a few other schools,” said Perez de Alderete. “In the team group chat, someone texted it was a World Championship…I was a bit stressed out. There were people from overseas for this.” 

“My time has been absolutely amazing, some of my closest friends were made through [the crew team,]” said Kimmelman. “I wanted to participate in a sport at college but I wanted to focus on my studies first. I like how crew is a club sport because it isn’t as demanding but I still have the competition and a team that I was part of. I absolutely love being a part of this team.”

Unfortunately for the team, they will not be able to compete in an outdoor event this semester with the school taking COVID-19 precautionary measures. They were set to compete in later April when the weather turned itself around, but luckily they were able to squeeze this championship run in. 

 “The crew family sure is one of a kind, we all treat each other well and are here for each other when we need it the most,” said Maruk. “Being a part of the crew team has opened my eyes up to a whole different sport than I’m used to. I’m happy I joined at the beginning of freshman year because…I got to meet even more people that I can call my other family.” 

If you are interested in joining the team in the future, contact Sarah Kimmelman at  


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