Open Letters: just a thought about us

By Hannah Akerly – 1851 Staff

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Although we may not be together, you have brought so much happiness, love and joy into my life. In the short time I have known you, I have laughed louder, smiled more and have never been so grateful to have met a total stranger and then kissed them at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Our story may be taking a break for now, but it’s not over yet. You told your aunt she was “psychic” and that when she saw me for the first time, she knew we were meant for each other. I think she’s right. You are the first person I have opened up to in a long time; I feel at home with you. I cherish our long talks and long car rides together. I love how your hand completely envelopes mine when we hold hands and I love how much you want to show people I am yours. You told me your first reaction when you saw me, how you couldn’t stop looking at me and turned to my friend and asked who I was and was dying to know if I was seeing anyone. I absolutely cherish the little things you do for me. The way you wrap your arm around me to comfort me or text to tell me you’ve been thinking of me just makes every day so much better. I know you will be a forever person in my life no matter how we turn out. You have made me feel loved again, in a way I haven’t felt in a while. I thank you for every moment you gave me and every moment we have together in the future. I’m excited for us to make it, to fight for it and to finally succeed at it. It’s you and me bubs; I know we’re gonna make it. 


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