Pokemon remake hits shelves for Switch

By Casey DiBariOpinions Editor 

curtosy of express.co.uk
One of the newest editions of a Pokeman game, “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX,” hit shelves worldwide on March 6, 2020. Photo Courtesy of express.co.uk.

On March 6, Game Freak and Nintendo released the newest pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch, “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX.” The game serves as a remake for the original 2005 “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team” and “Red Rescue Team,” which was originally made for the Game Boy Advance (Red) and Nintendo DS (Blue). This marks the third pokemon game released for the Nintendo Switch, after “Let’s Go Pikachu” and “Let’s Go Eevee” were released in 2018, and “Pokemon Sword and Shield” released in 2019. “Sword and Shield” is the only main series game released so far.

Remaking its games is nothing new for the Pokemon franchise, with the remakes starting as early as 2004 with “Pokemon FireRed” and “LeafGreen,” which were remakes of the first-ever games, “Pokemon Red and Blue.” However, “Mystery Dungeon” is the first remake of a side series game, and unlike the other remakes that give two versions to match the originals, “Mystery Dungeon” combined both original games into one.

The game itself starts with taking a personality quiz, the result leads to what Pokemon the player is dealt. There are 16 different results to match the 16 types in the games. After that, the player gets to choose another Pokemon to be their rescue partner before being sent into the game. 

The story focuses on a character who suddenly wakes up in the body of the Pokemon they got in their test. Shortly after waking, they meet the partner chosen earlier, and the two form a rescue team, where they travel through caves or dungeons to save lost or hurt Pokemon. As this is going on, the player and their partner try to find out how the player became a Pokemon, investigate sudden earthquakes and other anomalies inflicting the area, adding members to their rescue team and coming close with other rival teams.

The remakes don’t offer many new options when comparing to the older games, with the games still mainly based within generation three with the Pokemon met, and the stories remaining the same. The main difference is a slightly updated art style and the better graphics offered with the Nintendo Switch. The game also struggles when it comes to a niche because it isn’t as wrapped into the lore of the main series Pokemon games for some dedicated fans. The $65 price for the game alone, along with the fact you need the Switch to play, might be too much for the casual Pokemon players.

However, for those who enjoy Pokemon as a whole and anything the franchise has to offer, “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX” is a nice addition to the collection of games, though it might fall far down the list when ranking all the games that have come out so far.

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