How to: Online classes

By Ruth KehindeDigital Editor

Essentials needed to stay focused while doing online classes. Photo courtesy of John Hopkins University.

Since the hit of COVID-19, students were forced to make the transition from going to class in classrooms to clicking into class via Zoom. With being stuck at home, it can get a bit challenging to focus in a place that may feel like a comfort zone.  Here are five ways on how to stay focused while learning from home:

  1. Create a schedule…and follow it

Oh, how nice it would be to do things on our own time without thinking twice about specifics, yet regardless of quarantine seeming like vacation– it’s not. Creating a schedule is essential in order for you to get things done on time so assignments can be submitted on time. Following your schedule will not only ensure you stay organized but it will give you peace of mind knowing you have the time to complete each assignment.


  1.  Create a focus zone

Having a focus zone is essential to concentrate. Sometimes we have the habit of mixing our work space with our comfort space, which can make it hard to stay focused when trying to complete your work. Having a designated space to do your work will keep you focused. Every time your brain is associated with that space, it knows when to activate  “active-in-quarantine mode.”


  1. Take breaks

Setting a time to focus is great and all, but take a breather before you’re too overwhelmed jumping back into your assignments. With working, working and more working, our brains get exhausted, not working at its full potential. Taking breaks is a great way to take your eyes off the screen and take time for yourself. Mini intervals of breaks is a great way to not make your brain into mush.


  1. Reward yourself 

When you’ve completed your assignments, give yourself something that you really enjoy as a way of saying “I did it.” Whether that’s cooking up a favorite dish or even just taking a solid nap, it’s a way of motivating yourself into doing the things you want, while getting your priorities in order. 


  1. Take a shower

While staying in comfy pajamas sounds great and all, it doesn’t necessarily get you in the mood of being motivated to do your work. Although being in quarantine is a thing, it’s not an excuse to stop taking care of yourself. Work or no work; you are your first priority. So rinse off that bed head and that morning breath–you have work to do.

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