Learning to trust is a must

By Adam HallenbeckSports Editor 

Now, I could try and brief you on why the world is collapsing at its seams. With COVID-19 continuing to spread around the world, everyone now fears for the worst. The economy is collapsing, travel bans are being installed all over the world and people are beginning to panic, as humankind may see its biggest pandemic in human history. Borders have never meant more than they do today. Every minute, the world folds in on itself.

For a journalist, an event like this is like striking gold with material. Everyone can relate to the virus because it is everywhere, which makes it newsworthy. With that, there is a lot of responsibility for the reporter to accurately bring the message and more importantly, the facts, about a situation. While science works behind the scenes to help find a solution to stop the spread, more seems to happen around us and journalists spew it out into the open like nothing. 

If you couldn’t tell, I see and agree with both sides of this situation but what I think is worse is I am not even close to being the only one that feels like that. The world is such a scary place right now.

I am just as confused as everyone else. It feels like there is no pure and objective information to give anyone. Every time I feel like I find someone that can give me a credible answer, there’s another one bringing us in a different direction. CNN reported that President Trump has lied 33 times in the span of two weeks about the coronavirus alone. I hear death counts of civilians with none of the numbers ever matching up. My head is everywhere.

Looking ahead, I don’t know what my or the world’s future holds. But something I do know is this. Before you tell anyone else what to do and how to react, tell them to find the information themselves. Let people find their own information, help them get informed by getting them media literate. Let us take this tragedy and turn it into an opportunity by helping people learn how to independently help themselves.

This would not only help prevent mass panic and confusion, but it could help in the long run down the road. People would correctly find information for controversial topics like politics, religion, discrimination, and more. People would use the technology that plagues us today as tools like it was intended to be used. It is time people learn how to learn for themselves with the new mainstream flow of information. Help your fellow neighbor, get them online and show them how to know when to trust information or a source.

Wash your hands, share peace signs instead of handshakes, and please stay safe everyone.

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