The pros of social distancing

By Ruth Kehinde- Digital Editor

As COVID-19 has spread around the world, Americans have not only been stuck in quarantine but have also been practicing “social distancing.” Social distancing is an act of remaining six feet apart to prevent any type of contact for the coronavirus to spread vastly from person to person. With being stuck inside, it may seem as if this whole situation is filled with nothing but melancholy, but there’s actually more to this social distancing than it’s given credit for.

There are many positives to physically distancing yourself six feet from individuals, one of them being foremost your safety. Although hugs and handshakes are enjoyable, distance has you take the necessary precautions of not only protecting yourself but those around you.

Along with these precautions, others include handwashing, no touching of the face and staying at home. All these actions are just steps to take you closer to being a healthier you. You are your first priority.

Another positive is, although you’re distancing yourself from others, that doesn’t mean you can’t be socially intertwined with yourself. This can be a time for you to take care and learn from yourself. There are many individuals who may be alone at this time and instead of getting too much in your head; being productive is essential. Maybe there’s something that you’ve always wanted to do but because of outside factors, it has always been delayed. 

Although essential workers are required to go into work, there are many who are able to work from home. Working from home not only keeps you socially distant but it keeps you in a safe environment. Use that environment to expand on future goals, aspirations, beliefs, etc. Everyone has a lot of growing to do.

Instead of constantly worrying about what could go wrong in this pandemic, we should be excited for what could go right. There is no “perfect” approach to go by. Social distancing not only limits the spread of a virus but it spreads the awareness of how much something as little as a touch can put a life at risk. No one really knows when COVID-19 will blow over. But until it does, being in the right mindset as time proceeds is what’s going to make it easier.


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