What to stream in quarantine

curtosy of RitaVPN.net
Streaming services such as Disney+ , Netflix and Hulu are serving as the primary forms of entertainment during quarantine. Photo Courtesy of RitaVPN.

By Katie Peters and Casey DiBari – Arts Editor and Opinion Editor

Now that most of the world is stuck at home all day because of quarantine, it’s easy to get bored. Not being able to go out in public is something everyone is adjusting to – including the film industry. Movie theaters across the country have had to shut their doors for the time being until this pandemic subsides enough to hold public gatherings again. While movie premiers have been forced to make major adjustments, consumers have turned to streaming services as sources of entertainment. 

Many movies that have had fans waiting are postponing their premiers. John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place II” was originally set to be released last month, but has since been postponed to early September. When Billie Eilish released the song ‘No Time to Die’ in February for the same-titled James Bond movie, franchise fans were excited for the premier, which has since been moved to mid-November. Some movies, such as Disney’s “Artemis Fowl,” are premiering on streaming services like Disney+.

Disney also moved their new movie, “Onward,” to both Disney+ as well as on television to be rented for a few days. In addition, they put a “Simpsons” short film that went on to Disney+. According to gamespot.com, former Disney CEO Bob Iger said there may be other movies that were originally planned for a box office release that may just be put on the streaming service instead. However, the plan is to still keep the highly anticipated “Mulan” for theaters, with the company hoping to release it in July.

According to Statista.com, Netflix is the second-leading streaming service in the United States as of early March. Known for their original TV series and movies, Netflix has struck gold with the new hit docu-series, “Tiger King.” With unexpected twists and turns, no one is portrayed as innocent in this series. Amy Poehler’s newest movie, “Wine Country,” is a light-hearted comedy also gaining traction on Netflix, starring comedic actresses such as Maya Rudolph and Paula Pell.

Hulu brings a wide selection of newer movies and TV shows to the streaming service world. The South Korean film that won the 2019 Oscar for Best Picture, “Parasite,” is currently one of Hulu’s top trending movies, though the only subtitle option is in Spanish. Another captivating mystery comedy movie on Hulu is Paul Feig’s 2018 film, “A Simple Favor,” starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively.  

As for other streaming services, NBC has gone forward with their new streaming service, Peacock, which released on April 15. Earlier in the month, a new mobile-based streaming app, Quibi, came out, featuring shows and movies that are broken up into 10 minutes segments or fewer.


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