Feel the Malarkey

By Bailey Klingaman1851 Staff

On April 13, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders publicly endorsed his former opponent Joe Biden as the Democratic Presidential Nominee. While both politicians have masses of democrats supporting them, a significant amount of Bernie’s followers are college students and millennials.

It isn’t hard to tell why this demographic has taken such a liking to Bernie. His most popular policy advocates for free college education and the alleviation of student debt. Since his endorsement of Biden, some Bernie supporters have been hesitant to throw themselves behind a new cause. Because of Bernie’s policies, which I consider to be more leftist than most democrats, Biden seems like more of a compromise between having Bernie as president or re-electing Trump.

Rather than paying for all of his policies by taxing the wealthy one percent, Biden plans on taxing corporations that violate laws and using that money as a resource. This is a much more reasonable approach to funding, as it is less likely to enrage the wealthy and holds the unlawful companies responsible.

Aside from taxes, Biden proposes cheaper costs of living and higher payments for workers to ensure they are making a living wage and can support themselves. On the other hand, Bernie strives to make healthcare, childcare and early education free for all Americans.

While the sentiment is nice, the proposed money has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere happens to be companies and the rich. At least with Biden, the taxes are used as an insurance policy for fair treatment and lawful actions.

Even though the “Feel the Bern” campaign is still ignited through the hearts of many Bernie supporters, if democrats have any expectations of removing Trump from office they’ll need to unite themselves behind Biden, which means sacrificing some of their “free” benefits and taking responsibility on their own.


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  1. Better look at the midterms. Coaxing Millennials is a waste of oxygen. It was largely the Conservative crossover voters and independents that gave Trump his big beautiful Gridlock, not Blacks and Not Millennials. The Millennial turnout was 15%. Pathetic if not Unamerican. Blacks were 17%.

    There are enough motivated people to get rid of Trump. Biden knows the numbers. He needs those conservative crossovers and he hopes for the Black and Hispanic voters. Even if Millennials stay home nursing their houseplants, that will be enough to defeat Trump.

    Biden’s VP announcement of a woman is a huge mistake. Women vote and they are not going to vote for Trump. The way the GOP is undermining that is with the Biden Charge of sexual misconduct. Biden has no answers. He probably did it but as with virtually every instance of Biden, he is on the defensive. He is admittedly an awful candidate. Trump is worse. These are too very stupid people.

    Gretchen Whitmer appeals to male voters. Warren does not. Warren has the negative appeal of Hillary Clinton. Harris is neither popular with women nor males, black or white. Biden recklessly drives on a road moving from ditch to ditch.

    Whitmer is impeccably honest. That can’t be said for Trump or Biden or Pence, Warren, or Harris. Biden needs Michigan.

    Biden needs Florida. Florida is the lynchpin. Without Florida, Trump can’t win. So Biden should be talking up increasing Soc Sec benefits and getting medicare costs in line. Free College and Free Tuition for people who don’t vote is a waste of time. Since the rest of American’s borrowed to pay for tuition, the free money idea is repulsive and smacks that Millennials are just weaklings.

    The elderly in FL vote and they think Trump is rude, boorish etc. Biden will have enough unless he stops into Trump’s China Trap or ventures off into some kind of moronic FDR kind of insanity.

    Infrastructure to these old geezers is potholes and roads. It should be 1000 GB internet and 5G, and reduced military spending. Biden is a terrible candidate. But as long as he forms a ticket that conservatives can stomach, he’ll win. But Biden is not noted for smart. His prior attempts were met with plagiarism and speech stealing. He’s an idiot but he is still better than Trump. It is the lesser of two evils again.

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