Senior letter: See you later, Lasell.

By Casey DiBari – Opinions Editor

Photo by: Casey DiBari

I can still remember when the acceptance letter came in 2015, letting me know I got into the school. The last five years since have been a ride, and it is one that I know when I look back on, it’s going to make me smile.

From my days of being a first-year worried how I was going to make it from one class to another, to a junior rising up to take over the role of opinion editor, to a today, a senior (sadly) sitting in her room writing this letter, there’s very little of this time I would take back. Lasell gave me an experience that I truly can’t imagine I would have ever received anywhere else.

Of course, after nine semesters, this isn’t how I expected my time at Lasell to end. I think any senior would say the same thing. There are things I’m gonna miss: Senior week, torchlight, our original graduation. I’m not mad though, I know there’s nothing the school can do, and for their part, they are doing their best. I have a different graduation date to look forward to, and I know that’s more than some other college students can say. For this, I’m grateful.

I am not positive on where I’m going to be after graduation. There are a few plans I have that I don’t want to say, in fear of jinxing it, but if it all works out, I won’t be gone from the Lasell community for long. The school, Massachusetts, they’re now my home, and I really can’t see myself staying away for good.

So, Lasell, hopefully this is not a “goodbye,” but a “see you later.”


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