Senior letter: Thank you, next

By Avery Stankus – Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Avery Stankus

Reserved, anxious, intimidated. As I entered college, my mind was full of uncertainty. Would I make friends? Was this the right school? Would I be happy? These worries quickly subsided as I started to immerse myself within the Lasell community. I came on campus thinking I knew who I was and I didn’t have too much left to grow, but boy was I wrong. 

If you told first-year Avery she’d start running the POLISHED Blog sophomore year, study in Italy junior year and take on editor-in-chief for The Chronicle her senior, all the while achieving Dean’s List, she most definitely would think you were mistaken. 

While I’m overjoyed over these accomplishments, I’ve learned education is so much more than the classes, the homework, the all-nighters. The four years are also the life-long friends you meet, the tell-your-grandchildren-about-that-one-time-in-college kind of memories, the family you become a part of when joining the school newspaper. 

For the four most quick, character-developing, inspiring, and exhilarating years of my life, I say: thank you, Lasell.

Thank you for showing me my love for journalism, for giving me the opportunity to study in Europe for a semester, pushing me to intern and find a passion for public relations, for the hands-on learning approach to classes.

To the girl who lived across the hall in Woodland first semester freshman year, thank you for being my best friend these past four years. To Professor Franklin, thank you for believing in me and being my number one supporter since that first day I stepped into your journalism class. To The 1851 Chronicle staff, thank you for allowing me to carry on the legacy that is our newspaper. 

To the upcoming seniors, while it may feel like that whole year ahead of you is a long eight months, it goes by faster than you think and ends sooner than you want. So, take it all in. Say yes to opportunities you wouldn’t have before, stay up for that extra hour with your roommates, attend that dreaded 8 a.m., because it will end sooner than you’re ready for. 

Confident, eager, proud. I leave college the most authentic version of myself. What’s next? Where will I be a year from now? Am I on the right path? I don’t know the answers yet, but I’m hopeful of what’s to come.


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