Senior letter: The triumphs and tribulations of a university newspaper

By Emily Long – Digital Editor

Photo by: Emily Long

When I was a first-year, I knew I wanted to join the newspaper. I went to my first meeting and I was nervous but I loved the energy. Our cramped but homey office felt like a real newsroom. Throughout my first year, I wasn’t sure if I really loved writing for The Chronicle. Something told me to stick with it and to see what would happen.

So I came back next semester and started to write more. My second year on the paper, I got to write more and made friends. Suddenly, the newspaper was something I couldn’t see college without.

This year, I’ve had the privilege of being a digital editor with my partner-in-crime, Ruth Kehinde. We’ve maintained the website, managed the social media and created a newsletter that circulates through the inboxes of the entire Lasell community. To say that I could have done it alone would be a complete misjudgment. The work we’ve put in has paid off, not only in the positive response from the staff and community, but from the friendship we’ve formed as well. 

Putting together a newspaper- it’s a lot of work. I’ve spent so many late nights, headaches and tears on it. At the same time, all of those late nights have been full of laughing until your stomach hurts. With all of those frustrations and headaches; there are moments of pure joy when a new issue comes out. For as many tears you shed, there is always a person to give you a hug and let you rant to them until you feel better. We know it’s cheesy when we say it, but the truth is, The 1851 Chronicle isn’t just a newspaper, it’s a family.

Given the uncertainty of COVID-19, I’m not sure where my path may take me in the coming months. I know I will continue to write and use my voice to amplify the voices of others who deserve to be heard.  However, I will miss The 1851 Chronicle dearly and I’m so unbelievably thankful for all of our triumphs and tribulations we’ve experienced together.


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