A letter to the Class of 2020: Dean Haverty

It’s hard to believe graduation is just around the corner, where has the time gone? I can remember seeing so many of your faces alongside your families at Open House and Lasell Day and in a blink of an eye you’re on your way to life after Lasell. As you prepare to head out to make your mark on the world, here are a few words to take along with you…

  1. Be mindful of doors that open and potential opportunities. Many opportunities will present themselves that may not seem particularly attractive or enticing. Don’t close that door- it may lead to so many more exciting opportunities, connections and professional networks. Be open to different types of opportunities that are long term prospects, even if not perfect in the short term. You never know where they’ll lead.
  2. You will face adversity and will want to quit. I’ve been there. Many years ago, I received a wonderful piece of advice from a graduate school professor that I want to pass along. I was experiencing a moment of despair, I remember the exact moment like it was yesterday, and she said, “as frustrated and upset as you are right now, in one year that feeling will be long gone and forgotten. You’ll get through it!”

Wishing all of you the best- Forever Forward

Cris Haverty


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