A letter to the Class of 2020: Professor Kinsky

To the 2020 Lasell University graduates:

You started your journey at Lasell College, as eager, curious, possibly nervous, young students. You might not have known how strong, flexible and resilient you were back then. The last four years have proven these qualities in all of you. You have succeeded through many challenges, and overcome many obstacles. You have grown up in so many ways, through life experiences both good and bad, happy and sad, friendships, wins, losses and of course, education. You may have had new experiences with travel, internships, modeling, or industry-related connected learning experiences. Maybe you experienced snow for the first time…and the second, third, etc.  Maybe you have formed special connections with peers and faculty that challenged you and made you question things because of their different ideas, beliefs and perspectives. Now, four years later, on the other side of this journey, you leave as young adults and graduates of Lasell University. 

When you began this journey, you reasonably assumed that in four years you would be walking across a stage, under a tent on a day early in May. Parents and loved ones celebrating your successes, the feeling of “we did it” coursing through your body. As faculty, we would have been cheering, and shedding a few tears, as the honor of getting to know you has changed many of us for the better, and we will truly miss you. The hope and promise of an exciting and meaningful future with challenging careers and many new adventures is the biggest thing on your minds. Instead, you will receive your diploma with all of the meaning behind it, but likely through the mail. You won’t walk across that stage in May of 2020. You left our campus quietly, possibly confused and nervous, physically distanced from many that you love. This was and is hard, and probably sad for many, but please don’t let this take away from all you have achieved. Remember how strong, flexible and resilient you are. These qualities, among your many others, will have you rising up to meet this latest challenge, and moving on to be the incredible people this world so desperately needs. Make a difference, make change, make waves, have fun. You can handle this. Remember your Lasell community is forever here for you. We are all extremely proud of the people you have become, our first ever graduates of Lasell University.


Professor Kinsky

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