A letter to the Class of 2020: Professor Raye

Dear Class of 2020 – 

You are a dynamic, fearless and resilient group that copes with adversity and challenges with a “hell ya, bring it on” attitude.  You have demonstrated your ability to face changes, improvements, adjustments, and even a complete disruption of your education with grace and strength.  When we moved from small departments to reorganization with the creation of schools, you nimbly pivoted and adapted to the new structure, ensuring that it did not erode our small class size and close faculty/student relationships.  When we renamed ourselves from a college to a university, you took it in stride, buying new gear and new stickers to show your deep Laser pride.  When archrivals Mount Ida and Newbury College folded, you opened your arms and hearts, welcoming those students and helping them adjust to the Laser community.  And when COVID-19 dismantled your senior spring and our final weeks together, you stood up, came together and refused to go quietly without a fight for what you believed in and wanted as a class.  You are a powerful group with powerful voices.  You are true leaders and role models on our campus and you will be missed.  

Class of 2020, I know you will be a force in our ever-changing world, both individually and collectively as a community of alums for many years to come.  When called upon — and you will be — in your professions and communities, I am confident that you will step up with the same determination, compassion and integrity that you exemplified during your years at Lasell. This has been your training ground and you will take those hard lessons, your affinity for collaboration and your “can, and will do” attitude into the world where those qualities are critically needed.  Thank you for your amazing work at Lasell and for the legacy of accomplishments and forward movement you have created on campus.

Much love and admiration, 

Karin Raye


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