A look into the legacy of Jordan McComb

By: Kaie Quigley – 1851 Staff

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McComb (#3) had 12 goals and 3 assists in the two games the Lasers played this season. Photo courtesy of  Jordan McComb.

Jordan McComb’s 15 points in the first two games this season gives a glimpse at her lacrosse legacy. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her fifth-year return was cut short. 

“At first, I thought it was a rash decision by everybody to just completely cancel things, but being in the position we are in now, I definitely understand [the decision] a lot more,” said McComb. “I’m still sad we’re not playing lacrosse, but I definitely understand the severity of what is going on and that it is actually more important than sports.”

Fortunately for McComb, she will get another chance to return to the field, as the NCAA has granted a relief year of eligibility to student-athletes who had their season canceled.

“They extended everyone’s timeline a year, so usually you are allowed to play your four seasons in five years…it’s at the school’s discretion as well, but I know that [Athletic Director] Kristy [Walters] wants me to play,” said McComb. “I have one year left of grad school, so you never know if I’ll make a comeback.”

While maintaining on-field performance for herself and the team, McComb was also performing academically. She got her bachelor’s degree in exercise science this spring and will return to Lasell to obtain her master’s in sports management next year. 

Former women’s lacrosse coach Caitlin Connolly says, “Jordan has always been a strong midfielder for the lacrosse program. Her freshman year she was more of a defensive [midfielder] due to our team needs. The rest of her career she has played both sides of the ball in the midfield position. She has been a crucial part of our transition game and a high-powered shooter over her career.” 

The three-time All-GNAC midfielder ranks in the top ten all-time in nearly every statistical category of the Lasell women’s lacrosse record book. Most notably, McComb is ranked eighth in career assists, seventh in career goals and points, sixth in career ground ball and draw controls, and fourth in caused turnovers in a career. She also flew 155 balls on target in 2019, setting the individual record for shots in a season, and is ranked third and fourth all-time in the category for goals in a single game (9,8). 

“Not only did she score goals,” said senior midfielder Amanda DiLeonardo, “[the team] could always rely on Jordan to transition the ball up the field until a player was open and ready to receive the pass. She always saw the whole field and knew when the right opportunity to pass the ball on was.” 

Aside from Connolly’s coaching, McComb attributes her success to the mentorship she received early in her career from older players like fellow all-time Laser Taylor Yandow (‘19), who also ranks highly in just about every statistic. Under the wing of Yandow and others, McComb grew into not only one of the best players in program history but one of the best leaders as well. 

 “[Jordan] encouraged me to be hungry and focused whenever I stepped on the field. It didn’t matter if it was practice or a game, all of us worked hard,” said sophomore midfielder Erin Kriger. “She pushed me to my goals and then pushed me further, which made me the player I am today.” 

In life after lax, McComb’s “first choice in life is to follow strength and conditioning and be a coach for that.” This interest sparked after partaking in internships at Babson College where she would train their athletes three to four times a week. McComb would also like to explore coaching lacrosse since she has coached at Coastal Lacrosse in Salem. “It is something that I am really into. Kind of my way of giving back to the game,” said McComb.


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