Check, please!

by Claire Crittendon – Features Editor

Do you qualify for the $1,200 stimulus check? If you’re reading this, it’s unlikely. Currently, those eligible are dependents under the age of 17, who will receive $500, single adults who aren’t claimed as dependents, who will receive $1,200 and married couples, who will receive $2,400, according to the Forbes article titled, “Most College Students Won’t Get A Stimulus Check,” accessed on May 1.

So, let’s get this straight; Dependents aged 17-24 are set to receive absolutely nothing. That’s ludicrous. College students are one of the most financially strained demographics, pair that with the fact that a lot of us just lost our on-campus jobs, and are set to graduate into one of the worst job markets to date, the federal government is setting us up for failure.

But, in early April, $12.5 billion in federal aid was allocated to 5,000 different American colleges and universities. According to Forbes article “How College Students Can Get Stimulus Cash,” accessed on May 1, “The law requires each school to pay at least half of the money it receives directly to students in the form of “emergency financial aid grants.”

Per Allocations for Section 18004(a)(1) of CARES Act, Lasell is set to receive $1,647,941 in federal aid, with a minimum of $823,971 being distributed to students.

I understand this process is new and overwhelming for everyone. There’s no how-to guide for correctly navigating a global pandemic.

However, this information has been public for almost a month. Why haven’t we heard anything from our school about this? When are we going to? Too many people are just barely getting by, and the silence from the COVID-19 Task Force is disheartening.


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