Fashion Focus: The future of fashion

By: Abi Brown – 1851 staff

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List of Lyst/HighsNobiety prediction for the next top 5 breakout brands for 2020. Photo courtesy of Vogue Business.

With everything seemingly going wrong in the world, people seek creativity as an outlet wherever they can now. For many students at Lasell University, this outlet is fashion. There is so much uncertainty with fashion since we don’t know when we will be able to even leave our homes safely. Luckily, social media has helped immensely with this. Social media has given a lense to what the future potentially holds for fashion.

Since social distancing started, Gen-Zers feel like they are missing out on many milestones such as prom, graduation, summer internships, etc. According to Vogue Business, brands should reach out toward this generation over social media. Everyone is expressing concern over the pandemic, especially those in Gen-Z. They aim to bring young people together this way. 

To run a successful campaign, “brands need to come across as genuine in their interactions with customers as well as supportive to the overall cause.” They emphasized where younger people’s priorities were, noting that brands who are not authentic tend to fall off because young people are quick to notice facades. “If you’re not authentic, Gen Z will be the first to raise a red flag. If you are trying to take advantage of the moment, you will lose them so fast.” Now knowing this, what does it actually look like?

Big names like Jacqemus and Balenciaga, who are always at the forefront of innovation in fashion, have started marketing in a way that is leading the crowd. Jacquemus had a photoshoot over FaceTime with Bella Hadid; she did the whole thing, which usually takes a team of people, all by herself in one afternoon. 

Meanwhile, Balenciaga has been publishing different follower’s outfits on their Instagram stories that highlight their pieces. Each photoshoot or Instagram story was special because, rather than having a team of stylists putting these collections together, they were done by the individual (or consumer) themselves. This highlights Gen-Z’s values of individuality and authenticity.

When you mix together Gen-z’s values with the state of the world right now, you get people who feel more of a need than usual to express themselves and find positivity. Because of this, escapism has been mentioned time and time again in the fashion world. This means people are starting to lean away from hypebeast culture and more toward one that is focused on what the individual actually wants to wear.

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