Netflix has an eye of a tiger or two

 By Michael Maruk- 1851 Staff

After watching one of Netflix’s new hit series, “Tiger King,” it is safe to say anyone with access to a camera and an interesting story can attract a wide audience fast. Over the past few years, Netflix has released a number of documentaries involving different themes such as informational, silly and murder mystery. However, only a few ever catch a high level of viewership.

“Tiger King” has somehow been able to encapsulate all three of these aspects so well that people at home have become hooked right off the bat. The show has very little information on tigers as it mainly focuses on the stories of Joseph Schreibvogel, better known as Joe Exotic. Exotic was the owner of the G.W. Zoo where the whole story takes place and as important characters throughout the series.

The real question is, are all of these documentaries totally truthful, or are they a farce? The way “Tiger King” portrays itself is more of a satirical documentary with all of these crazy characters until you soon find out they are real people with interesting stories to follow. Once you’re taken into this world of illegal tiger trading in the U.S., the story starts to unravel more and more to show every individual that appears on the show is not all that great either.

The whole documentary aspect is kind of thrown away, leaving it up to the viewer to continue watching in order to see where the story will take them. However, with this silliness aside, people who had nothing better to do during this quarantine became hooked on the show, so much that it has become a nationwide phenomenon.


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