The women behind The Chronicle’s digital content

By Katie PetersArts Editor

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The brains of the operation, Ruth Kehinde and Emily Long. Photo courtesy of Emily Long and Ruth Kehinde.

Managing digital content for a university’s newspaper is no small feat. It takes creativity, patience and communication to do the job effectively. Since March, The 1851 Chronicle has moved completely online, making the job of digital editor that much more crucial. Thanks to the two women that currently hold this job, the transition has been seamless.

Ruth Kehinde and Emily Long became co-digital editors in September. The decision to have two people sharing this role was made to ease the workload of the students in that position and to increase the digital presence of The 1851 Chronicle.

Kehinde, a junior communication student concentrating in journalism and minoring in political science, has been a part of The Chronicle for the past three years. This was her first year stepping into the role of Digital Editor. “Not only was it something that I loved to do, but it was something that I wanted to learn more about so that was pretty cool,” she said.

Long is a senior communication student concentrating in public relations who spent part of her junior year in Washington D.C. interning at the House of Representatives. “As much as it’s an editor position, it’s also a managerial position,” said Long. “Also, it’s the place where I could implement the most new ideas.”

As digital editors, their jobs are to post articles on the paper’s WordPress website and manage all the social media accounts. They also pitch story ideas at the monthly staff pitch meetings for web-exclusive content such as articles and multimedia projects.

This year, Long and Kehinde implemented a newsletter for The 1851 Chronicle that is sent out to undergraduate students, highlighting articles published in the paper. “We really wanted to showcase that the whole paper is on the website, so that also is a part of [our jobs],” said Long.

Another aspect of being a digital editor is design. Everything from the newsletter to the Instagram story posts are designed by Kehinde and Long using Canva. “I feel like I could put in that artistic side of me with it,” said Kehinde. “So it was really cool to have my passion to be my job.”

Before the paper moved completely online, articles were posted on the website the week after the physical paper came out. Now that there is no physical paper, the timeline for posting

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