Will my vote really matter?

By Bailey KlingamanDigital Editor

The short answer to whether your vote will matter this election is no. For a majority of the national population who reside in states that lean heavily toward a certain political party, the individual vote will have no lasting effect on the outcome of the election.

Because Mass follows a winner-takes-all system with the electoral college, if the majority of the delegates vote blue, the entire state is blue. No matter which candidate I vote for, history tells me that the majority of electoral delegates will cast their vote in favor of Biden. With this in mind, voting as a Mass citizen is more of a formality and means that my vote has no meaning in the election.

This is a common theme throughout much of America. Even if the polls are showing support for Biden when historically they’ve been republican, odds are the state will still be red at the end of the election.

On the other hand, if I lived in a swing state like N. H., or one of the two states that decides electoral votes based on district popular votes (Maine and Neb.), the fate of the election is not yet decided. As of right now,
the popular and electoral votes are relatively unpredictable, meaning in these state elections, each vote, including mine, would count.

However, the only other state where my vote could possibly be heard is Texas. Historically, Texas has been a reliable supporter of the Republican party. Surprisingly, a New York Times poll taken on Sept. 24 shows Texas to be a split state. Because Texas is also a winner-takes-all system, whichever candidate wins 20 electoral votes wins all 38. This one state could be the deciding factor in the 2020 election.

Which leads me to believe that the individual votes of citizens in every US state but Texas have relatively little meaning in the election. This includes swing states as well.

Unless I decide to move to Texas, I should prepare myself for the harsh reality: my vote will not matter.

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