Do your part, wear a mask

By Ruth KehindeDigital Editor

Illustration by Robby Rowe

Ever since COVID-19 hit, the number of cases continue to rise everyday in the United States. One of the ways to keep yourself and others safe is to wear a mask. A mask should be worn in public areas or when surrounded by people. Wearing a mask is a potent tool that should be mandatory, it can restrict the spread of the virus that has already infected more than 6 million Americans.

As said previously, the reason for wearing a mask is to keep not only yourself but everyone around you safe. Regardless if you’re buying a mask or making homemade ones, its main reason is to prevent the spread of the disease if one were to have COVID-19. Even though there are symptoms indicative of the virus, in many cases, individuals can have the virus and
not experience any symptoms. However, even if one is asymptomatic, they are still able to spread it unknowingly if they’re not practicing social distancing or donning a mask.

Although wearing a mask is essential, it does come with its disadvantages. It’s sometimes hard to wear it for many hours at a time, as it can get really stuffy. In some cases, it can add on to getting unwanted acne.

With individuals refusing to wear a mask, it’s an act of selfishness, making it clear who they care about. Although COVID-19 still is a threat, wearing
a mask while staying six feet apart is proven to slow the spread of the virus down, as displayed in many other countries.

It all starts with an individual and whether or not they’re willing to take the initiative.

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