Editor’s Corner – Stay safe Lasers

By Claire Crittendon & Katie PetersEditors-in-Chief

Katie Peters and Claire Crittendon smile underneath mask as they stand six feet apart.
Photo by Ruth Kehinde

Boston College, Harvard and Boston University: what do all these schools have in common? These universities in the Boston area all have started the school year with relatively high cases of COVID-19. According to the New York Times as of Sept 25, BC currently has 86 cases, Harvard has 43 cases and BU has 83 cases.

We are fortunate to be on a campus like this. With our small student body residing on campus, a suburban location and access to rapid COVID-19 testing, a full fall semester can be a reality. That will only happen if every student, professor, faculty, staff and community member does their part and follows the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

While the guidelines can be constricting, they don’t eliminate the possibility of a fulfilling year. Socializing looks different, yes, but it isn’t anywhere near impossible. The Campus Activities Board and other organizations are still holding socially distanced and virtual activities. Constant cleaning and hand washing is a bit of a chore but it’s an essential precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As with wearing a mask, staying six feet from others and continuously getting tested, these precautions must be abided by to keep cases low on campus.

We’re walking a very fine line in regards to maintaining our in-person education and residential housing. As was made clear last March, many students rely on Lasell for internet access, safe housing, campus labs, Adobe suites and so much more.

These guidelines not only help keep classmates and professors safe, they help our whole community. Just down the street from Arnow Campus Center is a community at high risk – Lasell Village. Our actions impact them just as much as our actions impact others that interact with our campus daily.

Everyone on campus has a responsibility to uphold these rules to ensure everyone’s safety and chances of getting a face-to-face education. The rules are meant to protect, not punish.

Let’s be a success story. With only four cases thus far, completion of a full, partially in-person semester seems within reach. Maintaining access to education and resources should be the goal, not partying during a pandemic.

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