Your Vote Does Matter!

This is a rebuttal to the opinion’s piece, “Will my vote matter?”

By Michael Woo, Anna King, Melaney Jenkins, & Sophia Couto1851 Contributors

We, the Lasell Votes Student Ambassadors, are writing in response to The 1851 Chronicle Opinion “Will my vote really matter?”. We understand the sentiment that in today’s political climate it can be difficult to recognize the true impact of voting. However, voting always matters! 

Voting in any state is not simply a formality, it is our civic duty and is the foundation of the United States. As a core principle of our Constitution, which ensures all citizens the right to vote, we cannot and should not take our voting for granted. In the past, voter suppression tactics have included misleading people about the importance of their vote.

When discussing Presidential elections; some may argue that the electoral college prevents your voice from being heard, because it is designed as a winner-takes-all system, each individual vote will still have an impact on a Presidential election. Admittedly, the electoral college is a flawed system. When the framers created the electoral college in 1788 under Article II of the Constitution, it was intended to prevent true democracy and provide additional provisions to ensure the president was elected by a select few; which has led to major voter disenfranchisement for centuries in the United States. The modern debate over the electoral college presents the chance for Americans to correct and strive for a more perfect Union; that is for the people and truly by the people. If you want to see the electoral college system changed or abolished, you must vote for candidates to see that change!

The idea that our vote does not matter is a common myth. Every vote has an impact on elections whether it is a large or small margin. It may be more exciting to live in a swing state, but the fate of the election comes down to individuals actually voting. Beyond Presidential elections, Americans can see the true power of voting in local, state, and federal elections. For example, each vote is counted individually and your vote could be the deciding factor in a highly contested election. However, beyond the outcome of an election for a particular candidate, voting ensures that the voices of your community and people of similar and different demographic backgrounds will be accounted for. 

Voting is indelible to American ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In a Supreme Court decision from 1886 Yick Wo v. Hopkins said, “Indeed, the Court long has said that the right to vote is a “fundamental political right” because it is “preservative of all rights.” To learn about the Lasell Votes mission and our efforts to dispel common voting myths visit our Instagram and Facebook page @lasellvotes. You can also click here for our resources. Or email us at

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