Sunny Auburndale Park Trail Reply

By Audrey Abbate1851 Contributor

Auburndale Park is a short walk from campus with a beautiful scenery of the Charles River; it didn’t seem to get the attention it deserves until now. With towering trees, swimming swans, and ducks, it’s a great place for a study break. Even just a mental break from the chaos will do some good for everyone’s health. This lengthy trail runs along the river with the sunset shining- no wonder why there’s been more Auburndale residents checking out the park lately.

Photos taken by Audrey Abbate, Emily Walton, & Naomi Kane

Swimming Swans. Photo by Emily Walton.
Treetops above. Photo by Aubrey Abbate.
Forest Sunset. Photo by Aubrey Abbate.
The Duck’s Reflection. Photo by Aubrey Abbate.
Charles River Glare. By Aubrey Abbate.
Swan’s Preening. Photo by Naomi Kane.
Towering Trees. Photo by Aubrey Abbate.

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