Lasell At First Sight

By Geoberti Jeanty1851 Contributor

Photo courtesy of Geoberti Jeanty

September 6, 2020 I walked Lasell’s campus for the first time…

Upon arrival at Lasell University one thing in particular caught my eye and stood out from the get go. It was the movie scene scenery and beautiful design of the university. From Donahue Quad to the STC it was hard not to notice Lasell’s amazing architectural feats. Taylor field so perfectly placed is the center point of campus and as I walked down the STC steps I got a great view of the games and various activities going on. For the past 5 months in quarantine, I had gotten so accustomed to staring at the same 4 walls of my windowless room all day so stepping on campus was everything I needed. The more of Lasell I saw, the more my eyes craved, so I kept exploring the campus. I fell in love at first sight and began to picture scenarios in my head of myself on campus a year from now. 

I don’t know if it was the buffet style dining hall with the chicken that reminded me of my mom’s back at home or the friendly guides who spoke to me like we’ve been best friends since the 5th grade, but something about Lasell made me feel right at home. I attended my high school for 4 years, and I was still never able to get the homey feel that Lasell gave me in just one day. Everything about the campus screamed there’s a place for you here. I could see that in the beautiful variety of peers I saw, all mingling and interacting, getting to know each other (socially distanced of course). The diversity here was unmistakable, people from different backgrounds, places, walks in life came together so well here, everyone was connecting. I felt so invited to jump right in. So there I threw myself into the mix and got to mingling!

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