My first impressions on Lasell

By Xavier Edwards1851 Contributor

Photo courtesy of Xavier Edwards

As many of us know this is not the college experience that we were expecting. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting for my first year as a college student and i’m sure most people can say this. But as far as my impressions on the Lasell community, I’m very impressed. Now ask yourself how do you feel about the Lasell community? With that being said let’s jump right in. 

Why am I impressed by the Lasell Community? There’s many reasons why, a key reason is how the community has taken action to keep everyone’s health conditions safe allowing students to be able to attend classes in person and to live on campus. This is great because although we are all going through weird times during this pandemic the Lasell community still manages to make sure everyone has a great time on campus, comes together,  and gets the proper education that is needed. Another thing that is very impressive to me about the Lasell community is how much the teachers care about the students. Most college professors don’t have a connection with their students at other Universities, but here at Lasell every teacher cares and wants to see you be the best version of you and this makes students feel like a bigger part of the community. 

Lastly I am impressed how Lasell University students are doing their part to keep everyone safe from Covid-19 and being responsible. Everyone on campus is doing their part by taking responsible actions and practicing socially distance skills while wearing a mask. This is very impressive because as many of us all know how hard it is to socially distance and not go out with groups of friends and party and have a good time, as far as having to wear a mask everywhere also. This shows that all students care about our community, not just themselves. So now finally ask yourself how does the Lasell community impress you ? To summarize it all, this is what I find impressive about our Lasell community. 

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