It’s quiet, just how like it

By Franklin Torres1851 Contributor

Franklin Torres peeks out his dorm at two a.m. Photo by Olivia Foster.

My first impression of Lasell was that it seemed calm and quiet. Now most people may dislike this and find it as a downside for college since they are probably looking for  somewhere that they can party and be loud and rambunctious, but for me this was perfect. 

I became a resident student in hopes that I would find somewhere peaceful to study, hangout, and just vibe in. I come from a loud family and household, loud friends, and a loud workplace, and even though I get loud myself when I get very excited, it is nice to have a change of pace. Lasell also seemed like year round it is a relatively peaceful, safe, and laid back campus where you can be introverted without being bothered or be extroverted and always find someone you know to do something with, which I find to be a perfect balance, and the fact that the campus is small helps with both of those, avoiding you needing to go very far to achieve either goal. 

To make things even better, when I visited the campus in the winter, the campus just looked gorgeous, covered in snow with the sunlight shining on it but not enough to where it blinded my eyes. And this view was just astounding, and for someone who hates the cold, if I am at least in an area that looks nice in the winter, then that will make it just a little bit more manageable. And to top everything off, if I wanted to leave campus, Boston is just 20 minutes away.

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