Home is a Six Letter Word, and its Spelled L-A-S-E-L-L

By Jade Fischbach1851 Contributor

Jade’s seen sitting in the sand dunes in Mattituck, NY.
Photo by Bridget Tower.

Before coming to Lasell, I had never heard the name. My family had gone to schools in Boston and my dad grew up just around the block from here. The other schools I toured included Suffolk and UMass Boston but they were nothing compared to Lasell. 

My mom described it as my eyes lit up when I got here. It felt like home. The small campus was nice for me as I didn’t want a big school, and the buildings and courtyards got my attention. My tour leader was very enthusiastic about this school which made it more interesting.

I chose Lasell mostly because of location and they had the major I was looking for. Close to Boston, the campus seemed like a perfect place to build myself over the next four years. I could never live in the city but weekend trips for me were a must. 

When I moved in, I was excited to know I was moving into a dorm with air conditioning and my parents and I were both surprised at the size of my dorm. While I didn’t request to be in the West Hall, I feel lucky to be here. My suite mates and I all get along and within 2 nights of being here; we made some friends and got ice cream. 

Since then, I’ve met a few new people but nothing like the friends I have back home. The pandemic makes it difficult to meet people so while I love the school, it’s a little lonely. 

Sports seem to be what a lot of people fill their time with here. I always see the athletes walking to and from practices on my way to the dining hall. I’m very excited for sports games to start up again when they’re able to. 

With all this being said, Lasell made a great first impression and I’m excited for the next four years here. 

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