The Beginning of A Journey

By Abigail Meier1851 Contributor

Abigail Meier smilies fondly at the camera. Photo by Sissy Meier.

As I drove up to campus on the first day of classes, I saw a Lasell banner hanging on the street pole as I pulled into the commuter parking lot. I remember being nervous and anxious about being a commuter student and not knowing anyone as I didn’t live there and move in with all the freshmen. I remember walking out of my car over preparing for the Writing Class. I needed to have my app pulled up on my phone to show the green “cleared” sign before even walking into the building. I was constantly thinking about what I am going to say, how to introduce myself. 

I walked in and made it to room 308. I was mentally thinking I was going to get to class 20 minutes early to start the first day right. I got there, no lights or teacher were present. Waiting while on my phone, another student came in and introduced herself. She asked all the “Get to Know Me Questions”. We sat and talked as 8 a.m. approached. As the rest of the class joined we still waited for the professor. After 30 minutes we all left, the professor was a no show. As I walked out the girl who I talked to in the beginning called my name and walked out with me. She ended our conversation with “I could tell you were walking on eggshells” and “my technique worked”. This showed me that you can’t judge any college including Lasell by its cover. I was very intimated in the beginning about being new on this amazing campus of people who already had friends. This was my first impression and lesson that I encountered at Lasell.

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