Scott Lamphere returns to Residential Life Director position

By Kait Bedell – 1851 Contributor

Scott Lamphere sits in his home office.
Photo courtesy of Scott Lamphere.

After about eight years of working in disability services at Lasell, Scott Lamphere returned to his position as Residential Life Director, a position he had previously held from when he first joined the community in 2004 until 2012.

He has recently returned to his position as Residential Life Director as of July when the university called for staffing adjustments as a result of the pandemic.

“I am happy to be back,” said Lamphere. “Residential Life has really been the heart of the work that I’ve done and my interest in my professional life so to go back is sort of like going home for me.” Lamphere said he’s “really fortunate” to be in this position though he has encountered many challenges in the last few months. Due to new COVID-19 regulations, Lamphere and his team had to spend time rearranging residential halls and houses to account for quarantine and isolation housing, which was something they struggled with.

Assistant Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs David Hennessey said Lamphere has been handling everything “very well” despite the obstacles he has faced.

“I think Scott’s done a really good job pulling things together,” Hennessey said. “We had to do some very difficult things this summer and he
did a tremendous job.”

Lamphere said the community of people working together is what has helped create and maintain a safe environment.

“There’s a whole group of people who are really looking at campus life and how to deal with all this and Residential Life is one piece of that so we’ve had good support and good guidance,” said Lamphere. “Now we’re putting in action the expectations that have been set.”

The cooperation of students on campus has also contributed to the safety of the community.

These times have called on students, staff members and faculty to ensure all necessary safety measures are taking place and Lamphere says everyone has stepped up. “I think this is a wonderful community and the fact we’ve been so successful is a real testament to everybody’s contribution,” he said.

While strict protocols are being maintained right now, Lamphere hopes the rules will be able to loosen up for the spring semester if the community continues to cooperate and no outbreaks occur.

Although Lamphere understands how hard this situation has been for students in particular, he said he has “a lot of appreciation” for them.

Lamphere says even though these difficult times feel like they will never end, they are temporary and if everybody does their part then everything will go back to normal sooner.

“I have a lot of pride for this community,” said Lamphere. “I love being a part of it and I’m happy that I’m having this opportunity to be involved.”

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