Editor’s Corner: Learning to Grow

Holly FeolaOpinion Editor

Feola on an apple tree. Photo courtesy of Holly Feola.

“Push yourself out of your comfort zone” is a common phrase that a person is told at some point in their life. Years ago, that phrase easily would have gone over my head as another cliche saying but now I feel as if that’s a daily goal for me. Weird, right?

A few years ago I was a different person. On the outside to most, I seemed like a regular extrovert, talking loudly and making friendly conversation. If awkwardness or conflict were to arise, I would just default to becoming a less confident and quieter person. College has definitely taught me how to confront conflict more head-on, instead of having my doubt creep in and lose confidence in how to handle it.

In my first year, I knew I wanted to join some clubs on campus and meet new people so I decided to join The Chronicle. It was totally intimidating, for my first meeting I walked into a small room that was crowded with unfamiliar faces that were mostly journalism majors.

As soon as stories were pitched people quickly volunteered to take them. I ended up taking one story. There I was a psychology major trying to get involved with something that wasn’t seen as psych related. But that one story helped me discover my passion for storytelling, but also how trying something new can teach you so much. During my time at the paper, I have learned that I can bring my knowledge of psychology to table and provide another perspective.

In my second year, I became a Resident Assistant which definitely shocked a few of my friends since I did not like handling conflicts. The position is so much more than enforcing campus rules. It has taught me everyone handles situations in their own way and how there are different ways to help others.

I think all of my experiences through joining different clubs have taught me how to grow and develop today. It has truly validated the saying “push yourself out of your comfort zone” in ways I wouldn’t have expected. Even though I have made huge progress for myself, I know there is still more for me to learn and more personal growth ahead.

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