From crime to style, meet Tyson Buggs

By Ruth Kehinde – Digital Editor

Buggs poses in one of his favorite outfits on the steps in front of the Donahue Center for Creative and Applied Arts.
Photo by Ruth Kehinde.

From wanting to be a criminal psychologist to now majoring in fashion design & production, sophomore Tyson Buggs, interest in fashion occurred due to his friend, Darius. He was the one to thank for getting him into fashion likewise his occupation in UGG, falling in love with their handbags and designer brands. In this path, what Buggs loves most is having the ability to be limitless in this competitive field.

With the desire of being his own boss, Buggs runs his own clothing brand called “Orenda’s Clothing” that he started in May. “Orenda” is an Iroquois word that defines the spirit inside someone to change themselves or the world around them. It’s the force of human nature. The inspiration for using “Iroquois” is due to his Indiginous cousins being from the Wampanoag tribe.

Being from Randolph and currently living in Easton, Buggs’ brand is primarily Boston-based. Inspiration for creating his designs are from the aspect of living close to the city. Despite his love for the city life, he prefers to work alone, for he gets distracted easily.

It should be emphasized that doing fashion remotely isn’t ideal for Buggs. “Design is a very hands-on aspect of fashion as you feel the fabrics, work with models, and collaborate in-person with other designers. The only exception now is the touching of fabrics, but the models and designers are remote now,” Buggs says.

Sophomore Zumm Serrano describes Buggs as “caring,” for he “brings in environmental awareness and fashion tips to the Lasell community.” Serrano likewise noted Buggs to be “involved with … explaining how certain brands are harmful to the environment” in an environmental class she took with him in Spring 2020.

He describes fashion as “freedom. It’s the ability to … carve my own path in life and the field.” The necessary skills he believes are needed to be a successful fashion designer are creativity, determination, and inspiration. He’s aware of his own abilities, for his strengths are his determination and inability to quit, but his self-proclaimed weakness is the inability to draw. The wide variety of creativity and the constant shifting of trends is what Buggs finds the most exciting about the fashion industry.

The place Buggs typically shops from are Grailed, Uniqlo and Zumiez. When putting outfits together, Buggs starts with the shoes, having his perfectionist side come out can take him hours.

Buggs hopes to accomplish growing his brand by focusing specifically on outerwear and handbags this year. Some products that Orenda Clothing has are hoodies, visors, t-shirts, bucket hats, crewnecks, stickers, jackets, and many more.

“Soon you will see the Orenda logo all over campus!” Buggs says.

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