The Decision: Tom Brady

By Josh Wolmer1851 Staff

Tom Brady’s decision to leave the Patriots was a bad decision for him, but great for the Patriots. The picture that remained in the head of fans was him throwing a pick- 6 on his last throw of the season. Heading into free agency, fans were excited. During a Superbowl Hulu commercial, Brady appeared and said, “I’m not going anywhere.” Fans were excited to see him come back. Infree agency, he decided to sign a two-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

For Brady, this was his chance to get away from Bill Belichick and prove he was not a system quarterback. So far in the sea- son, he is 4-2, which isn’t terrible by any means, but it isn’t great. Watching Brady play, people can easily tell that his age has caught up with him. He hasn’t thrown the ball with consistency, and his decision making and thinking just aren’t the same. Looking at his stats, they continue to decline at a rapid rate. I think Brady should’ve called it quits and hung up the cleats.

Many say Brady should’ve stayed with the Pats but here’s the thing: the Patriots are in a retooling phase where they are finding new guys to fill roles to keep this team winning. As time goes by more younger players will join, so when you look to the future, an older player like Brady wouldn’t fit. He was only good because of the system and the ample amount of weapons he had at his disposal on offense as well as the usual rock solid offensive line. Cam Newton is just 31-years-old. It is time to embrace him for the upcoming seasons, and leave TB12 behind.

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