Virtual Events at LU

By Abi BrownArts Editor

Campus Activities Board hosts virtual meeting over Zoom.
Photo by Meghan Carroll.

For many universities, COVID-19 has required them to close their doors for the fall semester and switch to online classes. Lasell was able to overcome those boundaries and continue to allow students to live on campus.

However, maintaining a safe environment on campus has forced normally-in-person events to move online. This leaves people like Director of Student Activities and Orientation Jennifer Granger with the hard task of making these events both accessible and entertaining.

As the pandemic hit back in March, there was a period of prep time for professors and administration to get plans in order for thefall semester. As Granger says, “We lived and learned last spring and this summer [via orientation] how to make events happen in various ways – hybrid, in-person, … or virtual,” she said. “We have learned to be creative within regulations.”

Some of the events include activities such as Virtual Preventing Burnout, Mason Jar Painting, Movie Nights, and a Virtual Debate Round Table/Panel Discussion. To sign up for these events, students RSVP through Laser Involvement or email the Office of Student Activities (OSAO) at

Two events happened in the first two months of the semester were focused on politics. The first was Lasell Votes, where StudentGovernment Association (SGA) and Campus Activities Board (CAB) collaborated to host a presidential debate virtual viewing party on October 15. The following night, SGA and CAB hosted a Presidential Debate Round Table for Lasell Votes.

Students and faculty have had overall positive things to say about how these events are going. “I think it’s going really well. It’s all definitely been an adjustment to change the way we normally have events on campus,” said junior Kaitlyn Hennessey. “I think Lasell and specifically the Campus Activities Board is doing a very good job integrating the new rules and regulations while still having quality events for students and faculty.”

The flexibility works favorably for many organizations and clubs on campus. “We love to encourage clubs to host events that the student body would love,” said Granger. “This fall we are not doing just virtual events, but we are programming in multiple formats because we have students enrolled in multiple formats.” Clubs can organize their own events following the COVID-19 guidelines and add them to the fall events calendar on the Lasell website.

For students looking to find out more information about events this semester, OSAO is located on the second floor of Arnow Campus Center. Students can also stay up to date on events happening by following @LUActivities on Instagram and Facebook.

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