Where to explore the outdoors around Boston

By Abi Brown, Mike Maruk & Ghiz Benzerdjeb – Arts Editor, Art Director & 1851 Contributor

With the colors of fall creeping in, the urge to go outside and check them out is really exciting. The best thing about being at Lasell in the fall is you are never too far from some great parks to check out as well as get some exercise. These places include activities such as basketball, biking, hiking, and much more.

One not too far off campus is Auburndale Park, located at 104 West Pine Street. This park offers a few great hiking and biking trails, as well as one full size basketball court, two tennis courts and two baseball diamonds to practice at. For those a bit younger there is also a playground right next to the Charles River, and for those who would like to get some last weekend barbecuing in there are also a few picnic area sections too.

For those more interested in kickflipping into fall there is a skatepark not too far of a trip from school either. Waltham Skatepark, located at 901 Moody Street, offers a couple of great options for skateboarding, biking and scootering. There is also one full size basketball court, a baseball diamond and a smaller playground for the younger kids. For when you ever get hungry, there is a Burger King and NY Pie right across the street. And for those who would like a nice strip to walk for any meal of the day, the rest of the restaurants on Moody Street have closed off the road to offer outdoor seating to all those who would like to come and rest.

If you’re also interested in shopping on a budget right on Moody St., Global Thrift is a really awesome and affordable thrift shop. If you are looking for clothes, shoes, books, records, far out knick knacks, board games, or a new lamp for your desk you will find it here. It has a massive selection and is updated very often, you can even donate any old clothes/goods.

As for biking and hiking spots, there are two breathtaking places, and many lookouts in each respective area to explore. You can start off a mid day adventure by heading to Islington Oval, Newton. If you happen to be at the intersection where Keyes Pharmacy and Dunkin’ Donuts is, it’s about a 6 minutes walk from there. From there you will quickly find a series of walking/biking trails, look out spots on the river and much more. Enjoy some gorgeous foliage in between classes with some music, a cup of Dunkin’ or even enjoy the sunset while skipping rocks. Don’t be afraid to go off the trail alongside the river and you will find some gems.

If you just so happen to know someone with a car on campus, Quincy quarries is about a 25 minute drive away where you can enjoy a view of the skyline of Boston. This park also offers an ideal photo-opp for people who enjoy graffiti art and a light hike.

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