The importance of the Electoral College

By Caroline St. Croix1851 Contributor

“Presidential Election Process.” Photo curtsy of ​Dana Summers,​ The Daily Progress

With the 2020 election coming up on November 3, the electoral college will be used to directly elect our future president of the United States. ​The Electoral College is an important aspect of American democracy and needs to be preserved. According to ​, ​the candidate who gets the most popular votes wins the electoral votes for that state. Therefore, the candidate receives that number of electors in the Electoral College. Many people argue that the system is no longer needed but I believe that the Electoral College keeps our Presidential system in line.

I feel that the Electoral College encourages candidates to pay attention to small states and not just the big populated states and cities. Each state, no matter how small its population, has electoral votes. With the Electoral College, I feel candidates build their campaign with a national focus, because they need electoral votes from multiple regions to win. Without the Electoral College, small states would be overlooked and candidates would only address the need of heavily-populated areas​.

In addition, I think the Electoral College keeps the two-party system strong. If we abandoned it and adopted a system in which a person could win the presidency with the most popular votes, the United States would be overloaded with candidates. Every person who had a specific set of beliefs for policy interest would create a candidate at hope that they could win the popular vote. The electoral college helps preserve the two-party system and makes it very difficult for a third party to be created.

Many people believe that they are capable of making their own decisions and no longer need the Electoral College as a backup. They think modern technology allows voters to get necessary information to make their own decision on electing a president. While I do agree that technology has made spreading information easier for candidates and their policies, I feel that misinformation is spreading rapidly. Sources today are unrelaible and articles coming from Facebook and other social media accounts are not always filled with true facts. People would be making decisions that affected our nation as a whole, on misleading and false information.

The cartoon portrayed a young teen confusing the electoral college with a university. I personally don’t think people have enough knowledge on the Electoral College. The Electoral College plays a big repsonsibility in the election process and many people fail to see the important roles that are taking place. The newspaper in the cartoon also stated 16 year old votes, and I think the cartoon was representing the young teen. The young boy along with his generation are going to determine the future of our world, I think they need to have a proper understanding of the election process and of the Electoral College.

The Electoral college is a system that is crucial in the election process and more people need to understand its importance. Without the Electoral College, I think we would see small states become overlooked when it comes to campaigning. I also think the Electoral College preserves the two party system, and prevents misinformed voters from directly electing the president. Although there is some controversy when it comes to this particular topic, the electoral college creates a fair and equal system in which all Americans regardless of geography are represented.

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