Halloween knocks on Valentine Dining Hall’s door step

Althorughout month of October, Chartwells gave the Valentine Dining Hall a creepy transformation having spooky decor greet Lasers at every turn. Chartwells once again gave the dining hall an outstanding spine-chilling makeover with not only decorations but also creative haunted food names for Lasers to choose from.

Photos were taken by Digital Editor Ruth Kehinde

Valentine Dining Hall’s eerie entryway.
Chartwells starveling guard dog.
Chartwells witch gives Lasers a reading (with a mask of course).
Skeleton holds on to the corner of the seating booth for dear life.
Witch waving her hands up in the air because she doesn’t care.
A knight terrifyingly displays their pumpkin head to Lasers.
Don’t trust this apple-solutely daunting witch.
A colony of spiders exhibited on table.
Valentines bat-mare display on food station.
Horrendous doll reaches out with hand towards Lasers while practicing social distancing.
The only skeleton allowed to be seated where Lasers once were able to be.
Evil surrounds Lasers at every turn.
Pumpkins protecting the mouse as the black cat eyes it benevolently in its cage.
Intimidating creature eyeing Lasers near food booth.

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