5 Things I’m keeping off my new year resolution

By Rachel Shepard – Copy Editor

Rachel Shepard, junior, leisurely sits at her desk in her Lasell campus dorm. 
Photo by Rachel Shepard.

With the start of a new year ahead, and a new semester, it’s time to detox and start getting rid of those negative hobbies we keep around. That way, we can replace those bad habits with activities that we genuinely enjoy. Here are five of my own habits that I want to stop and replace by the end of the new year.

  1. Stop staying indoors 24/7.

Since social distancing has become a priority, I spend more time looking out the window instead of being outside. I have to remind myself that as long as I have a mask, I can enjoy the sunshine.

  1. Stop wearing clothes that don’t fit, get new clothes!

It’s okay that I’m not “skinny.” What’s not okay is trying to squeeze myself into jeans that make it hard to breathe. We deserve to wear things that make us feel confident and if that means splurging a little.

  1. Don’t settle for plain microwaved mac and cheese, add a little flavor.

You know those microwaveable bowls of mac n cheese at the grocery store? I love those. But there is no need for me to eat plain mac and cheese if I know I can improve it. If I add some milk, shredded cheese and some seasoning it’s a little closer to a homemade meal. It’s great for when you need a change from the dining hall.

  1. Stop putting off hobbies.

School is important, but it’s not everything. I’m one of those people who sit at their desk all day, and stress about everything I have left to do. I’m tired of having the mindset that I have to push my hobbies aside. It’s okay to take a break or paint in the evenings. I can still get everything done on time.

  1. Speak up more.

I often make myself quiet for the sake of others. I play movies quietly in my dorm so my neighbor won’t be bothered. I don’t ask the barista for the drink I actually want; I just ask for the one that is easiest for them to make. My needs are not an inconvenience, and I can be a little louder.

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