2020 Winter style review

By Emma Ingenohl- 1851 Staff

Emma shows off her various fashion styles.
Graphic by Emma Ingenohl.

As the crippling pandemic continues to rage on in the world around us, the fashion world is erupting in a different sense. Style enthusiasts have to adapt to different methods of sourcing their inspiration. Social media sites and the many influencers who reign on them have a more prominent and imperative role than ever before. 

The digital world allows for previously-unknown expression and exploration, and the current trends and fashions reflect this exactly. Sustainability in fashion continues to be an important issue to consumers. But since most of us still are hardly leaving the house, the current theme remains casual, comfortable, second-hand chic.

Trend #1: Texture- Ribbed and Ruched

The once shunned “basics” are making a reappearance in the style addict’s wardrobe, but this time with a twist. To add dimension and detail to otherwise boring everyday-wear, textures are being incorporated. Ribbing and ruching are particularly common, since both add shape to the wearer and elevate the classic t-shirt, tank top or bodycon dress. Youtube star Emma Chamberlain is the queen of texture, constantly rocking a ribbed knit or a ruched baby tee.

Trend #2: Layering

It seems many of us have a recent influx of clothing, seeing as all there has been to do the past eight months is online shop. In an attempt to wear as many of these new pieces as possible, and stay warm in freezing temperatures, layering is more prominent this winter season than ever. Instagram user @wuzg00d has perfected the art of layering and the “fit pic,” giving inspiration to her 387,000 followers. 

Trend #3: Bright Colors and Bold Patterns

Sometimes the motivation to put on an elaborate outfit is not there, pandemic or otherwise. The solution? A brightly-colored or bold-printed sweater or pair of trousers. Although neutral and earth tones have previously been popular, a color revival is on the rise. Perhaps to also brighten up what can be dark times. Tik-Tok user @wisdm8 knows how to incorporate color and pattern. His everyday outfits are far from typical and break boundaries in not only menswear, but fashion in general.

Trend #4: Loungewear Sets

Just because you want to wear PJs all day, does not mean you have to look like you’re wearing PJs. More and more brands are honing in on perfecting their loungewear with the realization that Zoom meetings can be attended and emails can be written in style and comfort with fashionable loungewear sets. These sets have the option to be dressed up or down, or be worn on their own, making them extremely desirable to the fashion enthusiast. Instagram influencer @stassiebaby is the ultimate wearer of the lounge set. She can be seen wearing ones from Fashion Nova and Revolve, and even Chrome Hearts and Chanel.

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