5 pieces of advice for Biden

By Noor Lobad1851 Staff

This year’s presidential election will go down in history as one of the most polarizing elections of all time. With so much on the line for so many people, there has been significant friction between members of opposing parties and among those within the same party. In comparison to the staunch rejection of Hilary Clinton that Bernie supporters felt upon her emergence as the Democratic Presidential Nominee in 2016, a notably higher portion of Bernie supporters — like myself — opted to back Biden in this election in order to prevent a second Trump term. Winning the presidency was an important victory, but the fight is not over yet. Here are five things I believe Biden can do to make former Bernie supporters further embrace his presidency.

1. Appoint Stacey Abrams to his cabinet: By mobilizing roughly 800,000 new voters in Georgia through her organization, Fair Fight, Abrams played a crucial role in turning Georgia blue – no small feat, considering the state historically swings red. Abrams was vying for consideration to be Biden’s VP earlier this year but wasn’t granted the role. Perhaps this contribution of hers warrants her at least some place in Biden’s cabinet.

2. Embrace grassroots organizers: The efforts of community and grassroots organizers have also been instrumental in orchestrating a Biden win. In a show of civil resistance, organizers have demonstrated commitment and success in rallying support for Biden in pivotal states, even under the extraneous circumstances posed to them by COVID-19. If embraced by the administration, organizers could serve as a vessel between the public and the government.

3. Reboot the Stimulus Check Plan: With another potential lockdown looming ahead, Biden should take heed from Bernie’s proposed $2,000/month per U.S. resident stimulus plan and provide Americans the funds required to abide by stay-at-home orders.

4. Cancel Student Debt: With the student debt crisis hovering around $1.7 trillion, the financial and economic relief of student debt forgiveness would allow for more Americans to buy homes and start families, ultimately benefiting the economy and the greater good.

5. Ban Fracking: Not necessarily immediately, but for the love of God, at least phase it out.

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